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Some thoughts on the ‘cutshaveconsequences’ campaigns…..

I was very privileged from early on my career to have had the experience of working in the Metropolitan Police Service for nearly 9 years as a principal researcher. Whilst I was there I was involved in many fascinating research … Continue reading

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Initial thoughts on our BSc from one of our first years…… An Inspector in the MPS

July 2014 I’m trying to stuff my bag into the overhead of a packed plane destined for sunny Spain and a well earned break, nothing on my mind other than a bit of sun and a few beers, ok a … Continue reading

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Viable….. for whom?

Responding to a statement made by the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police concerning the cuts rendering the police service ‘unsustainable’, the Home Secretary announced that the budgetary cuts being imposed on policing would not challenge forces’ viability. Changes, she suggested, … Continue reading

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Risks, risks and changing demand…..

Sir Thomas Winsor today announced, without any apparent evidence on which to make his statements credible, that the demands on the police had fallen. He also suggested that forces need to ‘analyse new demands placed on them’ at a time … Continue reading

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